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mama, stop feeling like crud in your body so you can start living the healthy, full life God designed for you!


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Meet your coach, Kristen

I'm a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and mom of three.  I struggled with baby weight and feeling like myself after my first baby.  Now it's my mission that no mom should ever have to figure out how to feel her best by herself again....because, dang, it shouldn't have to be so hard!

I've since packaged up my nutrition education and experience into the proven Baby Weight Method that's realistic, works for busy mom life, and is safe and sustainable.

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The Baby Weight Method

Stage 1--Take Imperfect Action

Get out of the all or nothing mentality, leave diets behind for good.  They're impossible with kids anyway, right??

Stage 2--Learn Your Portions

Learn what kinds of foods and in what amount will make your body feel its best.

Stage 3--Move Your Body

Find your joyful movement that is effective and never feels like a burden again.

Stage 4--Build Confidence

With food freedom you'll feel more confident in your body, your relationship with food, and you'll start living your best life!


"My pants were not fitting like I wanted them to. I had a vague idea of “healthy” eating but I also thought that also meant giving up some of my favorites.  I wasn’t getting any results, or anything I tried was not realistically sustainable. 

Kristen’s program does not make you give up any of your favorite food groups.  It’s all about portion sizes. The group format was very encouraging to see and hear others making progress.  The concepts she was teaching became daily habit and I was able to make it through a week of dinners without the dread of being in the kitchen!  I feel confident in my food choices through the day. My clothes are fitting more comfortably, and I’m being mindful about being active every day!"

Caroline D., past client

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