Thanks for attending the workshop!

I hope you enjoyed the How to Make Meals Work FOR you workshop.  Is your ish together yet?!

Grab your She Eats Cheat Sheet, check out the Master Easy Meals Blueprint, and make sure you snag your TRIBE discount code (in the cheat sheet)!


She Eats Cheat Sheet

-the exact next steps-


-She Eats Cheat Sheet

As a thanks for attending the workshop, this cheat sheet will give you the exact next steps you need to make healthy eating stick for good & save time on the process.

Click below and you'll get an immediate PDF download.

Master Easy Meals Blueprint

-plan, purchase, and

prepare meals with ease & speed-


-She Eats Cheat Sheet

-Master Easy Meals Blueprint, downloadable PDF workbook

This workbook has the exact steps to help you have easier & healthier meals.  The Master Easy Meals Blueprint will help you reclaim the joy of meals; plan, purchase, and meal prep wisely; save brain power; and create meals that works for you & the fam.

With this downloadable PDF workbook, you'll work through 3 Pillars--Plan, Purchase, and Prep. Each pillar has actionable steps to help take your meals from stressful to streamlined. You'll find structure for meals that are just flexible enough to work for you and your lifestyle.

And most importantly, this is another step toward eating better and feeling better in your body!

To Restore Intentional Balanced Eating

-group nutrition program for women-


-She Eats Cheat Sheet

-Master Easy Meals Blueprint, downloadable PDF workbook

-3 months of the TRIBE group nutrition program for women

NOW enrolling! 

The button below will direct you to the TRIBE page for more info, but make sure you use your exclusive discount code for $100 off!  Don't miss your chance to get the support and accountability you need to eat better and feel great again!

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