What does it mean to eat with intention?

You might be wondering, what is Intentional Eating?

...Is this another diet?

...Another fad?

Nah--you've tried dieting in the past and it worked for a few weeks, until you went back to your old eating habits.

Plus it didn't work for family life! Eating "healthy foods" while serving your family "normal foods" was nuts.

This starter kit combines what I've learned in over 5 years of clinical practice, what the research shows, and what will actually work in real life!  Grab it today to get started.

Coffee with Friends

“You demystified nutrition for me.  I used to think that it needed to be overdone and well-orchestrated.  But really, just cook the f-ing brussel sprouts.  Who cares if you’re eating it with grilled cheese or if it “goes” together.  It’s that easy.”

--Lauren, previous client

Still not sure if you're buying into this?  I get it.  The internet is scary and full of b-a-l-o-n-e-y.  Check out what's below, though...


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