Master Easy Meals Mini-Course


You're tired of being uncomfortable in your body. Every meal feels like a dang chore and you can never seem to get ahead. Too often you feel the pull to "just go grab some fast food".

Enter the Master Easy Meals Mini-Course! This course will help you streamline the easy, nutritious meals from start to finish.

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Why enroll in this mini-course, mama?

This mini-course will transform your meals from stressful, to healthy and easy.  You'll get a downloadable PDF workbook, several short videos that you can access at any time, and tons of bonus materials!

Reclaim the joy of meals

By working through the three Pillars of Planning, Purchasing, and Preparing, you will save time throughout the week and, in turn, feel less stress around meals.

Save money

When you have a meal plan that truly works for your home, you will eat out of the house less frequently. You will learn to fit nutritious foods into your allotted budget.

Save brain power

You'll learn to develop a meal structure that you can duplicate as often as necessary--repetition makes mastery!

Leave baby weight struggles behind

You'll create a system that's easy to follow and you'll be more likely to incorporate nutritious foods. You'll find yourself regularly adding the often-overlooked meal components: fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and legumes.


What's the deal, Kristen?

I'm a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and mom of three.  I don't know about you, mama, but it seems like the more kids I have and the more they grow, the harder meals become!  BUT, with some super simple strategy, it doesn't have to be that way forever.  I've streamlined this process for you so that you don't have to figure it out on your own.

This mini-course is packed with my best meal tips from the Baby Weight Program so you can plan, purchase, and prepare nutritious meals without the headache. 

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Master Easy Meals Success!


"This has been very helpful and we're learning how to eat much better! The small changes are helping me a lot, I even felt less stressful this first week of implementing the course.  I followed the meal formula in Pillar 1--I included more vegetables and fruit which I rarely did before and it did really help me by feeling fuller.  We've already saved time and money!"

Maira L.

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Feeling like you need more than the Master Easy Meals Mini-Course? Like you really need to dive deep into what to eat, how much, how to leave dieting behind, and thew hole she-bang?--click the button below to learn about the Baby Weight Program.