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5 days to build your 3-week family meal plan

Updated: Feb 11, 2020


You are tired of struggling week after week to figure out what to feed your family, right? It’s always a guessing game and you never know if it’s going to be hit or miss. Furthermore, your kids seem to want the same foods over and over again, until they want nothing to do with them! Aaaaaahhh!

You felt that, right? Yep, so this challenge is for you :)

5 days of simple tasks + access to the Holy Meal Plan Facebook group with a daily Facebook Live video + Q&A opportunity with me, Kristen, a registered dietitian nutritionist.

Sign-up at bit.ly/holymealplansignup

PS---friends, if you come across a broken link, you can't access the Facebook page, or there's another problem, PLEASE let me know. Remember, I'm not superwoman....just supermom. jk jk ;) But really, let me know. Thanks!

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