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S1:E10 Finding your family prayer groove

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

This week I get the opportunity to discuss spiritual health with you via the podcast. I am humbled by the opportunity and approach this topic as a friend, not an expert. I have no formal religious training, I've never been on a mission trip, heck, I don't even have a mom-group at church (my MOPS group is somewhere else in town lol!).

In this episode I provide a few suggestions to increase your family prayer and worship, including using the 5 senses and cues throughout your daily routine.  Your 5 senses are actually a pretty cool way to approach this topic. Let's use smell for example: try using a specific essential oil or candle anytime that you are praying or reading scripture. The scent can help set the tone for you and your little ones.

Let's bring it back to spiritual health, now. Why do I talk about faith as a registered dietitian?--because a holistic approach to health includes things beyond the diet.  You have to look at the big picture, which includes your spiritual health.  Feeling full, connected, and well spiritually is an essential component to your overall health. If you're broken on the inside, no amount of vegetables can fix that!

You'll also find a bit about using herbs to replace sodium in cooking. Reducing sodium/salt is a great for heart health. In the US we take in way too much sodium in our daily foods.

Spirituality and sodium--two things I never imagined I'd write a combo blog post about. What do ya know?!

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