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S1:E14 Planning a prudent pantry

Here's everything you need to know for a perfect pantry.....more or less. Hah! Learn about what to keep in the pantry, where to keep it (eye-level, kid-level, etc.), and some expert organizational tips for you. As you begin planning a pantry that suits your needs and conquers some of your day-to-day struggles, you’ll want to incorporate these strategies ASAP.

Why does this even matter? Friend, have you ever knocked a can of beans out of your pantry right onto your toe?!? It was so overflowing, you reached into the back, and OWWW!

Yeah that's part of it. Plus decision fatigue is so real. Both for you and for your kids.

Clear out that pantry, give yourself a little more room to breathe. You'll be able to see the items you have and actually use them!

The podcast has all the deets, but pull out everything, group into like categories, and return to strategic levels. Think access for kids, access for mom, not-so-nutritious items out of sight!

BONUS tip: don't run out to buy organizational containers, yet! Try using some containers that you have, even if they're ugly. Use cereal boxes, diaper boxes, etc., until you determine an organizational system that suits your needs.

Boom baby. There it is...get a grip on that pantry, friend. You've got this!

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