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S1:E15 Liking and loving your husband

This episode is an interview with Rachel Ballard a real-world, tell-it-like-it-is, marriage strategist. AKA, a marriage coach! You'll hear some great laughs (like watching your husband unload the dishwasher--gag) and some excellent tips that you can apply right now to your marriage.

Rachel breaks it down like this:

-loving your husband is that deep emotional feeling, right? Of course.

-liking your husband is the part that can deteriorate with nagging, diminished spark, busy schedules, the expectation of perfection, etc.

She has three actionable strategies for liking your husband more, including weekly spouse "meetings", date nights (don't rule this out until you hear her approach!), and a daily text to your husband. This last one is pretty cool because she has a download that you can access by clicking HERE. These 50 texts to send to your husband are intended to reignite the spark....I've read through them and whoa! Take baby steps, friend. They made me blush!

So now of course I have to tell you how in the heck this fits into the mission of Holy Healthy Mama....my friend, you cannot eat kale alone and expect your life to change! Kale and a fantastic diet are a great start. You'll begin to feel great, your body will appreciate the nutrients, BUT, it's quite frankly just one piece to the puzzle. And you need all the pieces to the puzzle, such as emotional health (your marriage).

Be sure to click on the podcast tab to listen to the episode :)

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