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S1:E18 Two mamas, one mission

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

2 Mamas, 1 Mission

Here’s an interview with Kris Dobvniak. Kris is a mama of two little girls, a holistic health coach, certified nutritionist, certified eating counselor, and trained chef. Kris and I have similar goals when it comes to helping other mamas to obtain the healthy lifestyle they have always wanted. Kris works with women worldwide to help repair their relationships with food and their bodies. She wants them to be able to live happy and healthy, whole lives.

Kris is the host of a Healthy Balance Mama Podcast, and she is also the creator of several online programs, which include: Healthy Mama Meal Prep, Super Mama Society, and Uncomplicated Eating. Her sole purpose is to empower moms to live a healthier life by finding a balance within the world of food.

Kris and I have a similar mission. We both strive to help women embrace and welcome their relationships with food. Nowadays, so many moms and women struggle with how to find the healthy balance of “good” and “bad” food, which is exactly what Kris’s mission is. She explains that helping women and moms especially, to find that beautiful balance with food is her goal. She wants them to stress less about what to eat and enjoy what life has to offer. She aids these women in finding the nutritional balance where they can feel free around food, but also give themselves and their families the nutrition their bodies need.

Kris shared her experience of being trapped in a cycle of dieting, restricting her food intake, over exercising, and tracking her calories in effort to be the healthiest version of herself. Yet, she realized that it wasn’t the right way and it made her less healthy. It harmed the relationships in her life and stole the joy the life had to offer.

Now that Kris is a mom of two girls, she knew she needed to do something to help teach them how to be healthy the correct way. She didn’t want them to have the same struggles she had with food or her body. She wanted to not only pass that knowledge on to her children, but also to other mamas so they are able to instill the same mindset and perspective to their children.

She says, “mamas need to feel empowered when it comes to nourishing themselves, but also their families.” She emphasized the importance of embracing the body God has given them without restrictions. This is so importance because women will be able to live a life full of passion and purpose without being bogged down by rules and restrictions.

There is no joy in food when you restrict yourself, it’s exhausting when trying to get healthy from a diet, which is why they typically don’t work.

Kris continued by sharing how so many women have a dichotomous relationship with wanting to love food and wanting to enjoy food, but at the same time want to live healthy. They just don’t know how to find that healthy balance, which is when she steps in to guide these women.

Additionally, Kris has been teaching cooking classes since 2011. She shared that she has a passion for teaching women that there are ways to cook and eat foods that are nutritious, but also delicious. Sometimes people have the mindset that good, healthy foods tastes bad, but really, it’s the opposite. Kris explained that by having a culinary background makes her comfortable and confident when teaching about finding that healthy balance.

Kris’s Meal Prep/ Plan Advice

1. Planning ahead so there is a variety of food within your diet, but also your children’s diet

2. Have a flexible plan

3. Have 3-5 meals or recipes to choose from for the week

4. Look at your calendar and plan accordingly #momlife

Lastly, Kris grew up in the church, where she was heavily involved. However, she explained she was raised with a legalistic view of faith. Around high school Kris left the church completely, because she felt she would never be good enough for God. Over the past decade there was a drastic change in her life. She shared that for four years she was trapped in an eating disorder which made her think she would finally be worthy of everything she craved. She believed it would give her the self-worth needed to be “good-enough.” This not only harmed herself, but also her relationships. Primarily the relationship with her husband. When her daughter was about one, she realized things needed to change. She never thought she would turn back to Christ, but when a friend of hers started sharing her heart and how Christ changed her life, Kris knew it was time to turn back to Him. She realized that she was worthy the whole time, and the God would forgive her for her past. Her and her husband came to faith 5 years ago and it was the turning point in their life and their marriage. If Kris didn’t turn back to God, she said that she wouldn’t be where she is now.

This was such a fun interview! Together Kris and I are working to change the world one beautiful mama at a time. Between a fire alarm and a screaming baby, we pushed through this recording. Hope you enjoy!

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