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S1:E19 Post-pandemic solutions for eating on the go

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

This a discussion about eating on the go. But hold. the. phone.  No one is going anywhere during this pandemic!

I know, I know a different episode could have been used, but this one is SO good. Seriously. And actually, it's a part of the upcoming Holy Healthy Mama Tribe + Pro Workshop! The content that you'll find in here is part of Module 5. And there's going to be a workbook that goes along with it. To join the Holy Healthy Mama Tribe + Pro Workshop, CLICK HERE.

So as you read and listen, have the positive mindset that life will return to normal someday. You'll be able to go back out into public when this pandemic passes. And it will, friend. Keep the faith, hunker down, and read on. You can apply these solutions even if you are bringing take-out home. AND you'll get set up for healthy eating out when life does return to normal...

Life on the go as a mom can be difficult. Today, we will discuss four strategies to say goodbye to the drive-thru and hello to healthy living on the go.

As mom I wan you to feel empowered to make healthy choices when you eat out; and at the same time not feeling like you’re wrecking your health! These strategies can help you fuel you AND your little athletes or artist before a big game or show. No guilt about not providing a homecooked meal.

4 Strategies for on the Go Eating

1. Utilize prepared foods from the grocery store.

Yes, that glass case that we all walk by. The one that has fresh salads, pasta, meats, and sandwiches. It is perfect for on the go meals! And I am telling you, you’ll be the cool mom when you’re the one eating sushi on the bleachers at the baseball field.

2. Chain restaurants- order ahead, pick up, and take it to go.

This might not be the most budget-friendly option, but if that is not a concern for you, then no problem. This provides a lot of variety as clearly there are tons of restaurant options. Most menus have healthy options mixed in with those greasy hamburgers and fried items. In particular, sides are a great place to add in additional healthy options. Many places offer things like fruit cups, steamed veggies, whole grain dishes, and more. Be mindful of your choices.

3. Fast food deconstructed

Set your family's parameters. Try ordering only your main entrée. That's it. Bring along your sides and beverages from home. Whether that is a container of tomatoes, strawberries, or something more complex, that is up to you. But don't order sides. Don’t let the kids talk you into buying soda, ice cream, or the fries. When you first start to do this, there will be objections from the back seat. The more you do it, however, the more normal it will become. You will save money AND spare your health (less saturated and trans fats, added sugars, calories).

4. Perfect the art of the car picnic

A picnic can be whatever you want. Formed to whatever fits your needs. Execute the car picnic like this-->open the back of your SUV or the side doors of your car, pull out your meal, and have a seat. This is will ensure your kids are eating, ensure that you are eating, and protect you from the elements. This can be really fun for the kids, too! It’s a nice moment where you get to sit down and share a meal. You'll also have the opportunity to get to know your kids better. You can use strategies 1-3 on top of using strategy #4. Plan a little bit ahead of time, consider when you want to eat on your busy day, execute it, and make it fun for you and for your children.

You are mom, you are in control, and you are doing a good job. I hope these tips will make your life a little easier and a lot healthier! My hope for you is that you can be a role model for other moms. I hope that you will set a standard of health and join me on the journey to normalize healthy living. :)

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