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S1:E20 Uncover your God-led calling

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Here’s an interview with the one and only Stefanie Gass! She is the host of the top-ranked podcast The Mompreneur Mastermind Show, and her mission is helping, empowering, and transforming Christian Mompreneurs. Stef helped me kick-start my own journey and I hope this episode gets your wheels turning on your own God-led calling!

Stef explains that when you are born, God gives you spiritual gifts. These typically are things that you might not notice in ourselves. These gifts can be patience, leadership, or motherhood. Things that are natural to us, but outsiders looking in are wowed by your abilities. Stef shared that while you may know you have these gifts, you may struggle to see the ability to make a business out of it. This is where she comes in!

I asked Stef if a God-led calling is always comfortable. Her response was spot on. In a day-to-day sense, she said yes, your gift and calling is comfortable. For example, topics or habits that come very natural to you seem mindless yet are can still be God-led callings.

It is when you take your spirital gift to the next level that it becomes uncomfortable. You may hesitate to take initiative on your God-led callings because of the fear of failure. I might not be what currently pays the bills, it’s new, and it is pushing you way too far out of your comfort zone.

A few tips Stef shared for moving beyond the discomfort of growing your God-led calling:

1. It’s really natural to feel uncomfortable ANY time you do something new – you are born with the responsibility to fulfil your gifts to the best of your ability for God himself. God will lay the path for you as long as you pursue.

2. Discomfort is painful – lean on God and grow through it

Callings are revealed over time, which can be so frustrating! We all want the end result, but the thing is, you can’t get the end result without the mess and roller-coaster ride to get there.

Stef graciously shared her uncomfortable journey of finding her God-led calling. After many successes, failures, and bumps (which you can hear in the podcast episode) she finally got to this point….

She wrote down on a sheet of paper all the qualities of the woman she wanted to become. And then tackled one thing every single day that the woman on the piece of paper would do. And slowly but surely God began opening doors with new opportunities.

So who do you want to become, friend? What would that woman do?

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