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S1:E8 Real food in real life

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Real food...what is it and how do you incorporate it into your diet? This week's podcast episode, S1:E8 Real food in real life, is an interview with Kath Younger from katheats.com. We talk about her journey to finding the joy of real food.

Here's the week's best tips wrapped up for you:

You intended to buy fresh organic, but it’s out of stock. 😱This meal is for Wednesday night, but you’ll only have 30 min to cook and eat before you have to rush to church anyway. 😱 Btw, you’re not even sure how to get noodles out of the whole squash. 😱 AND maaaaaybe money’s a little tight. 😱 what are you supposed to do?!? 🤯

Ya feel me, right? One vegetable, 3 different ways, and this isn’t even an exhaustive list.

👉👉👉First, good for you for providing vegetables to your family 🙌

👉👉👉Second, ALL of these options are great for feeding your family. Each of these can fit into a well-rounded, healthy diet. 👈👈👈

It’s up to you to make the time vs. cost vs. quality decisions. Make your choice for THIS season of your life and feel confident in it....

⏰: when my husband is deployed, it’s rare to find anything but frozen at my house. When he’s around and the kids are entertained, I have more time to work with whole/fresh.

💵 : so many variables go into the budget!

Quality: organic vs non-organic....for the most part I purchase based on cost. There are some foods that are more important to buy organic IF you’re going to at all (for example, foods that you eat the peel of).

💗You are in this wonderful and wild season of motherhood💗...and yes, time is short ⏲

...and yes, you deserve to feed yourself well. With REAL foods. Nourishing foods that will fuel you through the long days.

When weighing your food choices, it's ok to sometimes purchase the more expensive option, shop at a different store, heck, even by the fruit smoothie when you need it. Food as self-care...a novel idea and much-deserved! 💗💗💗

-prioritize eating #realfoods over junk and diet foods.

-incorporate fruits, vegetables, lean meats, healthy fats (nuts, avocados, olive and avocado oil).

......start there and do a really good job. Then look at what other “healthy” labels fit into your budget and time restrictions (organic, grass-fed, natural, free-range, etc). After that I’d encourage you to look at sourcing (local farms, community gardens, container gardens, etc.), but let’s save that for another week


So if you made it to the bottom here, thanks for reading! I'm working on improving this content, so check back regularly :)


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