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S1:E21 Meal Planning Deep Dive with THE Expert, Jeanne Petrucci

Here’s an interview with the founder of Living Plate Rx, Jeanne Petrucci, MS, RDN. She provides a look into Living Plate Rx from the backside (this meal planning service is included in your Holy Healthy Mama Tribe membership!). PLUS, as a fellow mom, she provides her BEST tips for implementing a flexible meal plan that fits into your current season of life.

Jeanne Petrucci, a mother of four, strives to increase the success in the kitchen while reducing the stress. Through Living Plate Rx, a meal planning service (and a key component of the Holy Healthy Mama Tribe + Pro Workshop) she helps individuals reduce their kitchen struggles. Through Living Plate Rx, you get simple recipes with an interactive planner.

We both are huge advocates for “making it easy.” One pot, one sheet, crockpot, and instapot meals are the meals that will really help reduce the stress in the kitchen. It’s important to remember to use your fresher ingredients in the beginning of the week, that way you can rely on frozen, canned food towards the end of the week.

Jeanne says there are NO benefits of a concrete meal plan. Looking at a meal plan as a mandate is going to fail. She elaborated that you need have a loose meal plan. Things happen, things change.

The environment DOES need to be concrete, however. Make a firm commitment to bring healthy food to into your home, but also keep your plans loose.

Giving yourself flexibility is crucial when coming up with a plan. You don’t necessarily have to have a specific meal plan for each day, but have a plan of some sort for the week. There is not a one size fits all, so pick and choose what fits your family’s needs.

Additionally, Jeanne shared the importance of not letting your children dictate their meals. She emphasizes that you should never ever ask a child what they want to eat. Present them with a few healthy options that they can choose from. She suggests also incorporating a game, or a fun title for the meal or snack. You are mom, you are the parent, make sure you are in control.

The one thing Jeanne wants people to know is to be gentle with yourself, especially during the next few months while we deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

Planning is key for the home environment and do it strategically!

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