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S1:E22 Zones and order in the kitchen

You're finding yourself at home and cooking more than ever lately, right? #coronavirus

You can make your increased time in the kitchen more efficient and enjoyable by creating four different workspace zones. This episode will dive into these zones--how they work and what belongs in each zone.

Do you remember learning about the principles of motion economy waaaaaaay back in your college days? This is a set of principles designed to improve manual work in manufacturing by reducing fatigue and unnecessary movements by workers. By improving the literal workflow, the process is less tiresome.

If you can apply this principle to the kitchen, you'll get in and out of the kitchen faster, feel like you've spent less energy, and maybe enjoy it just a tad more!

Grab your downloadable E-book to go along with this podcast here: Kitchen Sync E-book

Once you have your E-book in hand, you'll be able to bring more life to these zones. Let's take a look:

Zone 1 Prep Area highlight:

-gather everything you need, put it in place beforehand. By doing this, you apply mis en place, this is a French culinary term for having all your ingredients measured, cut, peeled, sliced, grated, etc. before you start cooking. Pans are prepared. Mixing bowls, tools and equipment set out. It is a technique chefs use to assemble meals quickly and effortlessly and can help pinpoint missing ingredients.

Zone 2 Cooking Area highlight:

-keep only tools that you use regularly. A cluttered kitchen can be overwhelming & no one wins for having the most or coolest gadgets.

Zone 3 Pantry highlight:

-this section of the E-book and episode looks at some useful tips for storing items used to bake. Also listed in the E-book are some pantry staples to have on hand.

Zone 4 Fridge & Freezer highlight:

-here we look at how to store food safely in the fridge. We also talk about the effects of aesthetically-pleasing storage and how you're more likely to grab something that looks appealing than something that doesn't. And in the episode I take a side-step and briefly look at food safety.

So make sure you grab your Kitchen Sync E-book!

Think you'll need some support as you work to implement zones and order into your kitchen? You can get this type of support plus so much more in the Holy Healthy Mama Tribe! Get on the waitlist today--JOIN the Waitlist!

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