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S1E24: A Nutrition Mistake--Chaotic Eating Schedules

“Out of the chaos the future emerges in harmony and beauty.”--Emma Goldwin

Take a look at your day—do meals and snacks contribute to the chaos in your life? Mom and kids can both be subject to constant snacking and little intake during actual meals. Having a chaotic eating schedule can cause a serious headache during meals!

The good news is that there are steps you can take to avoid this nutrition mistake and move beyond the chaos!

No matter where you are right now, or the chaos you feel like you are living in, the future WILL emerge in harmony and beauty.

Steps to overcome the chaos:

  1. Create a schedule and inform the entire family- look at the calendar and pinpoint when you will have your meals and snacks, write down what is going to work for your family, and discuss with your family.

  2. Utilize a timer for your kids. Positively and firmly let them know that snack time happens when the timer goes off. This will be difficult the first few times, but they will start to understand it and accept it. In the grand scheme, this will also help them to tune into their hunger cues.

  3. Make mealtime a priority. Schedule it, communicate it, prioritize it, and execute it.

This entire episode is based around the family meal. There's some serious evidence to suggest that both parents AND kids benefit from family meals.

  • Among parents in general, eating with their children is associated with lower BMI status. (1)

  • Youth who ate at least three family meals per week were about 12% less likely to be overweight than their peers who ate family meals less frequently. (2)

  • Teens who dine with their parents regularly are 150% more likely to report having a better relationship with each parent compared with teens who eat dinner with their parents infrequently. (3)

  • Low frequency of eating together is more likely to be associated with low grade point average (4)

  • Adolescent girls who report eating more family meals, having a more structured meal environment, and enjoying a positive atmosphere during family mealtimes were less likely to engage in disordered eating. (5)

Here's my resources in case you'd like to fact check: resources

Ok so if these made a lightbulb go off for you, you're so not alone. We often overcomplicate nutrition. No sweat!

This is an example of the strategy that you can get within the Holy Healthy Mama Tribe. You'll build a strong nutrition foundation, get the framework and strategy to apply it to life in your current season, and get support along the way. CICK HERE for more info!

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