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S1:E25 My Nutrition Journey & Failures

You’ve had nutrition struggles, failures, and setbacks, and you’re not alone!

In this episode I get real honest and share with you my personal nutrition failures and defining moments along my journey. My hope is that you will be encouraged to keep moving forward on your own journey.

We’re aiming for progress over perfection, here, friend!

We'll look at a few defining moments on my nutrition journey. From buying into a shake diet; struggling with weight and not feeling healthy during my first postpartum period and husband's first deployment; and everything in between.

If my journey, despite being a registered dietitian, has ups and downs, highs and lows, then it's ok if yours does, too! Just keep moving forward, keep striving for progress.

If you're needing help along the way, consider joining the Holy Healthy Mama Tribe membership! Build your nutrition foundation and learn strategies for implementation so that your nutrition and lows don't hit you quite so hard! Set yourself up for success. Join the Tribe :)

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