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S1:E26 Is your picky eater running meals? Hacks to overcome

This episode is part 1 of 4 in the Mother's Day Month Series!-->Throughout this series we'll talk about nutrition for the ones who made you Mama!  

Troubleshoot your kids' picky eating with registered dietitian Leslie Weidner.  She'll walk you through what's normal, what's not, and what to do it about it! Take home specific action steps from the episode to try today...and share it with your friends when it actually works!

Here’s a breakdown of what’s discussed:

-normal pickiness can be such a headache for us moms…but abnormal pickiness should really be dealt with via your healthcare provider.

-why you should NOT bribe your kids with treats and candy

-helping your kids to accept more foods….this one will give you a laugh and make you question if you’re taking a sane approach, or an insane approach!

-the division of responsibility between parents and kids….who gets to decide, what, when, and how much is eaten?

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