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S1:E31 Can you do it ALL? Using Proverbs 31 as a life-long guide

When #allthethings pile up, you often find yourself panicking and questioning how it can possibly be done! Guest Shelby Sheppard of the Evergreen Planner System walks you through Proverbs 31 so you can move forward on your motherhood journey with an abundance mindset and ready to take action.

What's more fitting for the 31st episode than a discussion about Proverbs 31?! I didn't make this 31 connection until I sat down to write this blog post. I am so thankful that God sends us subtle confirmations like this!

"Hey--keep spreading the word. Don't lose sight. Don't chicken out. Fight the good fight, girl."

Thanks for that pep talk, God! Love you too :)

Anyhoo....Using Proverbs 31 to propel you forward to take action and live in an abundance mindset. Here's a look at how this interview went down:

Kristen: What is Proverbs 31?


· It's viewed as the main passage in the bible about Womanhood, but that is only one aspect.

· It is also a poem and “reversal” of Eve taking the forbidden fruit, believing the lies of the enemy, and turning away from God.

· It is a portrait of the Lord’s Bride.

· It is a summary of lady wisdom is described throughout the book of Proverbs

· This book shows what it looks like when a woman applies the gospel to her life.

· It encompasses a woman who when she sees scarcity and lack and need, she uses it to her advantage. She sees opportunity.

· A Proverbs 31 women has the abundance of God within her.

Kristen: Is being a Proverbs 31 women attainable?


· Although, it can be overwhelming, and it seems like it is so far beyond a lifestyle you can live it is because of the scarcity that has been placed in the world through sin.

· God never called any of us to do it alone. Trying to live it out on your own is very difficult in a world of sin, but if you have each other to hold one another accountable it is more attainable.

· God has already given you everything you need to achieve it, also by having the power of the Holy Spirit within you he will be with you every step of the way.

· It is a lifelong process to be transformed in the image of Christ.

· Anyone can do this by having the right mindset and having God within you.

Kristen: Is this something that is applied to your daily life?


· When you apply this scripture daily, you think differently, view the world differently, and approach situations differently.

· Having a different mindset and different view of things, it affects your relationships with your kids, husband, family, etc……..all for the better!

Hope you'll listen to this fantastic interview! Shelby is also a member of the Holy Healthy Mama Tribe! If you want a sneak peak at the Tribe, join this live coaching series: Easier Weeknight Meals, a 4-part series for moms who want less chaos, less stress...and more delicious & nutritious meals! Register HERE.

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