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S1:E32 Is Mexican food keeping you from your health goals?

“I cook Mexican foods so I’ll never be able to eat healthy.” I hear this ALL the time! But, friend, let’s be real—whatever culture, region, country, or type of food you’re accustomed to is not the reason you aren’t meeting your health goals. Here we’ll look at the steps to improve the meals that you know and love!

Not sure what Mexican food is? Check out this blog,

while you listen to the episode.

Alright, cutting to the chase, here's the easiest ways to improve your meal, no matter what cuisine it is:

  • reduce cheese

  • choose lean meats

  • swap out the fats that you’re cooking with

  • baking or grilling the food or roasting

  • plate fruits and vegetables

  • leave some white space on your plate

Sounds easy, right? And speaking of easy, did you know that there's an upcoming free coaching series: Easier Weeknight Meals. This 4-part series is for moms who want less chaos, less stress...and more delicious & nutritious meals! Register here :)

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