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S1:Ep 33 Transform your weeknight dinners from chaos to easy, quick, and healthy!

Upcoming coaching series alert!

Moms, here's what it looks like in your house 30 minutes before dinner all too often:

-kids are starving, patience is thin -quickly scour the fridge/pantry/freezer -throw something on the stove -mediocre meal is put on the table just in time (if you're lucky)

-nutrition quality is questionable -REPEAT. Every. Day.

This is the mealtime crunch-time cycle!! It used to be tiresome and painful, but it doesn’t have to be. We'll look at this a little more here in this episode.

Side note, I recorded this episode in my backyard RIGHT before dinner. You'll hear my kiddos a tad, but I had to make a point. That point being that the chaos does not have to be permanent! You CAN get to the other side.

Take a listen:

You'll also hear more about the upcoming 4-part coaching series for women who want less chaos, less stress...and more delicious & nutritious meals!

Register for the live coaching series here-->Easier Weeknight Meals

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