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S1:E40 6 hacks to eat healthy at restaurants

Do you fall into the category of “you like to eat out, it’s easy for you, you can afford it, you find true joy in it” and at the same time “you want to reach your health goals”? Friend you can have all of this! Listen for 6 hacks to eat healthy at restaurants.

If you’re eating at a restaurant, I’m a tad jealous. My circus can hardly handle a restaurant on a good, covid-free day! Don’t let restaurant-food be your excuse anymore. With these hacks you’ll feel empowered to eat with intention no matter the setting.

Here's your 6 hacks:

· Read menus beforehand

· Order smaller portions

· Ask for different sides

· Eat intuitively, mindfully, and with intention

· Make better choices

· Watch your beverage intake

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