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S1E43 TRUTH BOMB: you have everything you need to eat healthy and be healthy

Let’s have a discussion about approaching your health from a place of abundance. From a place of having everything you need to get healthy and make eating healthy happen. Because you do. You have everything you need….and there’s many people who don’t. Let’s talk about this for a sec, too! This episode is near and dear to my heart. Please take action at the end, friend.

Let me give you some of my personal back story. When I became a dietitian, I started at WIC, which is a governmental supplemental food program. At the same time I helped establish a wellness coalition and non-profit. After moving to two different states and a couple of jobs in sprinkled in there, I eventually became the coordinator for the hunger relief coalition in my current city. I stepped down at the end of 2019, however, I continue to sit on the Board of Directors.

Throughout my this time of working with the underserved and the hungry, I've seen and heard some things. Things that I wish weren't real, but are the reality for so many people. Here's some of the questions that this population faces:

Food on the table for your kids or blood pressure medication.

A doctor visit or pay the water bill for the month.

......when you don't even have a place to cook food from the food pantry

.....literally no gas in your home or no home to go to

.......when you have to decide if you'll accept food and run the risk of getting kicked out the country, banned from your family and friends...

That's the real struggle. The real struggle.

Now here's the truth bomb:

If you're listening to this on a device that has data or wifi, you have a roof over your head, you have running water, shoes on your feet, multiple grocery stores to choose from...

You have everything you need to eat healthy and be healthy.

You have everything you need.

That's the minimum. If you have more than that, great. If you have those things at a minimum, you're primed and ready to go.

So this isn't supposed to make you feel bad. This is supposed to light you up and position you to tackle this from a place of gratitude.

I mean really, how lucky are you that you GET to prioritize your health. You GET to make food selections. You GET to research on the computer the best way to make it work for you.

When you're ready to take action, to tap into the luxury of working with a virtual coach, I'm here for you.

BUT here's the second part of this. How can you serve your community? It might be covid and your volunteering might be lacking, stagnant, or on hold.....but in what way can you continue to serve? Especially the hungry. Donate food, give your virtual services to a hunger relief coalition, salvation army, community foundation, sit on a non-profit board to provide input. What can you do?

Here's your action step: get grateful, take action to be healthy, and serve others with your abundance.

If you’re not sure how you can help fight hunger, head over to www.feedingamerica.org to donate today.

And if you’re ready to take action on your own health, CLICK HERE.

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