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S1:E45 Where & why healthy eating has been going wrong for you& a look into my past health struggles

Healthy eating can seem so hard, but it doesn’t have to be that way.If you’re stuck in a rut, it’s time for you to figure out WHY so you can move forward.Listen to hear my personal experience with being stuck in a rut and then figure out your personal barrier to healthy eating.

The picture you see below is when I hit my rut. I mean a big rut. I should look at this picture of when my husband returned home from a deployment to Kuwait and feel nothing but the utmost joy……instead I know that I was feeling so completely gross and uncomfortable. I was stuck, unable to translate nutrition knowledge into action and habit during our first deployment and the first year of my oldest son’s life. (definitely give this episode a listen for that story if nothing else—hah!)

Let me break down some barriers for you here:

  1. Trying to do what everyone else is doing

  2. One size does NOT fit all

  3. You are perfectly unique (a divine design)

  4. Not able to find your groove

  5. Yo-yo dieting

  6. Hopping around the latest fad diet

  7. Despairing

  8. Giving up

  9. Waiting until X day to start again

  10. Looking for quick fixes and products that promise unrealistic solutions

  11. Specific protein powder

  12. Specific meal plan

  13. Specific devices

  14. Maybe not even knowing what IS realistic

  15. This can be seen from two sides: either you truly just don’t know where to begin making changes OR

  16. You feel like you’re already eating pretty healthy, but you’re not happy with where it’s gotten you so far

So do the work, friend. Figure out why healthy eating hasn’t been working for you and then move forward. I’m here for you when you’re ready! Join the TRIBE!

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