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Know the facts: stop the spread of disease

Friends, I strive to bring you accurate, research-based information. This post comes from my desire to breakdown our concern that the media is only creating fear around the severity of coronavirus.

Coronavirus and the hype around it is scary and all the closures feel like unknown and undesired territory. I was skeptical until I sought out guidance from a trusted researcher and colleague and then did my own investigating.

Here's several links to articles that have facts you should be aware of:

1918 Spanish Flu-social distancing works

CDC: preventing the spread of COVID-19

WHO: coronavirus protective measures

My Instagram post today has an image from the first article about the Spanish flu of 1918. Read more about it in the 1918 link above.

Military mamas, you know this is affecting you, too. Units that are redeploying (returning home) are entering into a 14 day quarantine. Deploying units to Europe are on hold (my friends are on edge because their husbands are now in limbo). My husband has military travel plans on Sunday (the next 48 hours will determine if he goes or stays).

Social distancing works. Washing hands works. Abide by the precautions and measures outlined by local and national agencies.

Please do your part and stay home if necessary. Keep your kids home if you'd like. My son stayed home today, the last day before his now extended spring break out of precaution. It's not fear-mongering, it's precaution.

What can you do to help stop the spread of this disease?

~Love your babies, say your prayers, and eat your greens~

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