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S1:E13 Small meals and frequent snacks

This podcast episode has everything you need to know in order to rock smaller meals and frequent snacks. Why, how, and some general tips can be found here. By changing up your eating pattern, you can set yourself up for nutrition success.

The pros of smaller frequent meals include:

· Increased metabolic efficiency (your body using energy better)

· Aid in satisfying appetite

· Stabilization of blood sugar

· Provision of nutrients to aid in muscle growth and repair post-exercise

· Prevention of overeating during meals


· Grazing or constant eating could lead to greater caloric intake

· Snack choices can sometimes be “not healthy”, also known as calorically dense and lacking in nutrients

And yes, this pattern of meals and snacks can fit into your crazy #momlife. It works well with your kids, too, because their littles stomachs naturally prefer smaller portions more frequently!

So snack up, my friends! And make sure you grab your free snack combo in the resources tab.

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