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S1:E6 Food freedom for moms in bigger bodies

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Here’s a round-up of the podcast and IG discussion about food freedom. Enjoy!

As a mom you want your children to love themselves and have healthy relationships...and that includes a healthy relationship with food. And you know where this starts, of course—with you at home 💕



S1:E6 with @no.food.guilt will delve into food freedom as the means to a healthy relationship with food. And moreover, she does nutrition coaching with moms in bigger bodies and a cool thing called “parent coaching” 🙌

You know when you’re tying to regulate the kids sweet intake, and then you sneak your own sweets in the kitchen 😅 I absolutely get it and I am so guilty of this, too....

But, WHY do we do this? 👉👉sweets are bad and we shouldn’t have them 🤦‍♀️😭 lies!!! Nope. Not true, but it’s what we’ve grown to believe.

Let’s shift your mindset away from excluding “bad foods”, and work on ✨moderation✨ and inclusion of the things you actually like. This will greatly improve your relationship with food and your children’s relationship with food 🙌

#foodfreedom, this idea that allllll foods can fit into your diet, is one of the topics covered at length in tomorrow’s Holy Healthy Mama podcast episode (S1:E6). Melissa @no.more.guilt will chat with me about food freedom for women in bigger bodies ♥️

You might have missed it, but this week we’re talking about eating ALL the foods because #allfoodsfit

For real (do people say this anymore?!) allow yourself to eat the forbidden foods; the excitement fades and you won’t want them as much

-you deserve to eat more than iceberg lettuce

-you deserve to eat whatever you want

-reset your relationship with food

-teach your kids to have a healthy relationship with food, too.

#foodfreedom for you is awesome, right? #allfoodsfit and that’s fantastic.......but what about your littles?! Where do you draw the line?

For my kids, it’s obviously after a whole bag of marshmallows. Jk jk jk!!

My oldest went years before he realized that he was “supposed” to be served a whole cupcake.

👉consider some or all of the suggestions in the pic above

👉minimize the struggle by setting specific expectations regarding sweets and treats

👉enjoy treats WITH your kids

👉you make the rules, mama. Do what works for your family 👍

Would you ever give your kid an ice cream cone leveled at the top??? Does that blow your mind??

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